An interactive storybook between mathematics and fantasy

mathematics and fantasy

Mathina promotes mathematical thinking by developing, implementing, and disseminating open educational tools adequate to the digital age.

Mathina is based on story-driven experiences, in which children and young learners encounter fictional characters that find themselves in mathematical adventures. The stories bring up concepts, challenges, and puzzles that the user can interact with, reflect on and learn from.

Mathina can be used by parents to play with their kids, by teachers as a didactical tool or directly by young learners eager to discover more maths.

Mathina is realized in the framework of an Erasmus+ project between 2019-2021.
Five partners collaborate to realize Mathina:

Atractor (Portugal) Bragi Vizualne Komunikacije (Slovenia) Curvilinea Società Cooperativa (Italy) Experience Workshop (Finland) IMAGINARY (Germany)

The project aims to reinforce the connection between formal and non-formal learning of mathematics, by developing Open Educational Resources.

Mathina will produce four outputs:

  • A booklet describing the fundamentals of Mathina. This document is intended for use by parents, but might be interesting for educators as well.
    For more information, we welcome you to read the IO1: Mathina program booklet.
  • A repository of educational resources for children and students.
  • A companion repository for educators.
  • A handbook for educators, with additional material, explanations, and resources.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. More information on the project page of the Erasmus+ portal.